CWSH shall take the regional and national initiative, to

Our Vision

To instill the much-needed awareness of workplace hazards in the minds of our engineers, workers and other site personnel, administrators, and the public

To train our industries to assess, manage and control their workplace risks for the benefit of the individuals and the organisations involved

To join forces, in due course, with like-minded organisations in India to move the country (– by moving its citizens) towards improving safety in all workplaces where currently the life, limb, and health of many workers are at great risk, so that in due course we may take our place among the nations leading in safety.

Our Mission

  • Mobilize awareness of workplace hazards
  • Develop and offer short courses and training courses on safety topics, at NIE campus or nearby venues in-person, and beyond, online through webinars
  • Train safety personnel in organizations
  • Develop/offer Post-Graduate Diploma/Degree courses
  • Support and promote innovation and research activities related to workplace safety
  • Prepare, disseminate, and market workplace safety products such as guidebooks, handbooks etc.
  • Provide consultancy services for safety management on campus and at sites outside
  • Organize seminars and conferences on safety-critical issues at regional, national, and international levels.